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Mechanic Gloves - Safety Gloves Protect Your Hands - Extra Large Size, 1 Pair

$13.99 $15.99

LESS BLOOD AND SWEAT -- Every guy takes pride in the blood, sweat and tears they put into their vehicle, but seriously, nobody should make you bleed - not even your car and the breathable mesh makes your hands cooler

FEEL THE THREADS, GRIP YOUR TOOLS - Extra grip and sensitivity on the fingers and inside the hand make it easier to hold bolts and tools in tight places

NO MORE CURSING YOUR CAR -- Sometimes when your wrench slips off a bolt or you spin a screw slightly wrong,you get a pinch or cut that causes you to yell out obscenities causing your family and friends to look at you like you are crazy - stop the cycle of madness!

BUILT FOR THE LONG HAUL -- These gloves were not just designed for work safety or mechanical people to keep from cutting and hurting themselves,but they were also built to keep doing the job for a long time

CHALLENGE YOUR VEHICLE TO A DUEL -- Hey,if all else fails,take your glove off and slap your car or truck across the fender and meet it for a man-to-machine duel in the street - RevHeads gloves already make you the winner



We recommend that you machine-wash your RevHeads gloves in cold water using a mild laundry detergent. Do NOT use bleach or solvents. We also recommend that you air-dry your RevHeads gloves to maintain proper sizing. Do NOT machine dry or expose the gloves to an artificial heat source such as an oven, space heater, or microwave. This will only ruin the gloves, and common sense will tell you not to put gloves on hot surfaces, right?

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