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What to do with cars lost to Hurricane Harvey flooding

As many as 500,000 to 1 million cars have been lost in the Houston area to Hurricane Harvey flooding, according to a recent Washington Post article. Many of those cars will never be drivable again, but experts warn that some salvaged cars will make their way back onto the market with hidden flood damage. Buyer beware!

More from the Washington Post article:

DETROIT — As Harvey moved away from Southeast Texas, aerial photos revealed thousands of cars covered by floodwaters on streets, parking lots and in driveways.

By the time the water recedes, auto industry experts estimate that 500,000 to 1 million vehicles will have been damaged by water, with most being total losses.

State Farm, one of the largest U.S. auto insurers, says it has already received almost 20,000 claims from the Houston area.

Cars sat in water for days, in many cases up to the windows or roof lines. It’s likely they’ll never be driven again.

Here are answers to questions about what will happen to those vehicles and how to handle your car in the aftermath of the epic storm.


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