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Top 5 Reasons To Own A Muscle Car

We here at RevHeads really appreciate the fine art of the muscle car. Therefore we wanted to take time out of our day to explain the top five reasons a red-blooded American man would own a muscle car.

1.) "The Rumble" - Essentially, this is just the feeling you get when the car is revved up and the exhaust blows out hot air. This may not sound all the great in explanation, but if you have ever sat in a muscle and pressed down on the accelerator while in park, your whole body can experience the feeling we are talking about. 

If you need anymore explanation about just how cool this "rumble" is, watch this video of classic muscle car showing off their unique sounds. 


2.) Easier to Fix Than Imports - This may just be the opinion of this writer, but classic muscle cars tend to have pretty straight forward assembly and maintenance with no "hidden" components or secret compartments for things. Of course, as you get more used to fixing imports, the roles may be reversed for you. Suffice it to say, most shop classes in the U.S. (where they are still available) tend to focus their work on classic domestic brands as they are not only more common, but they are also more simple to understand the basics of automotive engineering.

A great place to get some tips is DIYAUTOSCHOOL's YouTube Channel. The videos are informative, but they are not professionally made. So, there is some extra filler you have to sit through from time to time.

3.) Car Enthusiast Communities - It seems like almost every city in the U.S. big or small has a great local Hot Rod or Muscle Car community that is active with regular meetings. So, if you are looking to find a bunch of like-minded individuals to swap grease-filled stories with, then you should be able to locate a group through either Facebook or doing a Google search to find your local chapter of friendly car enthusiasts to meet.

For anyone living in Southern California, there is a pretty active community at Hot Rods Unlimited that should be checked out for any cruises, swap meets, or other functions you may be interested in.

4.) Connect Past and Present - The best thing about muscle cars is that they are like time machines in the fact that just driving one transports you back to a different era. One where things were simpler, freer, less stressful, and more fun. Driving a classic muscle car might inspire that first time you got behind the wheel of a fast car when you were younger or when your dad took you for a ride in his new or restored muscle car. New muscle cars even connect those same ideas into their modern versions which will inspire later generations to look back on modern cars and think of them with great feelings of nostalgia. 

Just check out this compilation Dodge created about the past and present of their company as an example:


 And another quick Dodge Challenger ad from 2010 to see what I mean:


5.) Chicks Dig Them - Is there anything else that needs to be said here? Ladies have always loved a man in a muscle car. It may be the Daisy Duke phenomenon lingering for years, or it could just be that all car companies have used hot women at some point to promote their cars. Either way, we definitely think that if you are a red-blooded man who likes fast cars and attracting the ladies, then this is probably the most significant reason to really consider a muscle car. This is not to say that women are shallow or only like a man for his car. Women are smart enough to realize that if you are a bad dude, no car on Earth will get you their attention. So, treat them with respect even if you do have a bad ass ride!

The biggest tip though is to keep the car clean and looking good. Otherwise, everyone will know that you are a slob. A car can say a lot about you, but if you treat the car with respect, other people (including women) will feel that you treat people with respect as well.


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