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RevHeads Gives Back to the Community!

RevHeads is always looking to make a difference when we can, and this week, we decided to head over to Pole Position Raceway in Las Vegas and hand out 10 free pairs of our RevHeads Work Gloves.

Manager on duty, Bryant Mark, was very happy to receive the gloves and offer them to the track workers and mechanics of the indoor electric go-kart facility. Their previous sponsor had recently stopped sending them gloves for the workers to keep their hands safe during their shifts. So, we decided to do a little something about that.

The kart mechanics will use them while working on the maintenance of the vehicles (such as changing tires, tuning the engines and replacing batteries), and the track workers use them most frequently when switching out the safety barriers that keep the drivers safe from running into walls and poles within the facility.

It may not be a big donation or a life changing amount of gear, but it was a great connection between the two companies to be able to make life more enjoyable even if just a tad bit better. 

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