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New trailer for "Overdrive" shows off awesome cars like a Bugatti Type 57 and a Ferrari GTO

Here is the new trailer from the movie "Overdrive" starring Clint Eastwood's son Scott Eastwood, and a seriously awesome lineup of cars (that may or may not get totally destroyed in the movie).

Here's a quick rundown from

The plot revolves around two young car thieves in the South of France, Scott Eastwood, son of Clint, and some guy we’ve never heard of named Freddie Thorp. But here’s where it becomes a definite Autoweek kind of movie: The pair steal a Bugatti Type 57 -- just back it out of a moving 18-wheeler, do one of those James Garner turns and drive away! Ha ha ha!

But no, it’s not that simple! The Bugatti belonged to car-collector and “notorious crime boss” Jacomo Morier, who, as you might guess, is not happy to have his pride and joy stolen. He rounds up the thieves and decides to shoot them. But Eastwood, thinking fast (but not furiously) asks if, instead of shooting them, maybe they can do something for him? Hmmm, thinks the notorious crime boss, perhaps you can…

Let us know what you think of this trailer, and if you plan on seeing it (even if it is just for the sweet rides).

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